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Hacking Human....Article

I read the article Hacking Human: Data-Archaeology and Surveillance in Social Networks. This article scared me. Even when we have has discussions about people hacking into your computer and finding all kinds of things and knowing everything you do I was very uneasy when we were talking about that. I do not want to even put pictures out on my computer now because I don't want people seeing them. It's funny because I never thought about it this much. Now that we have been talking about it I come to realize even more that you should be careful of what you are doing on the internet and what you are typing/posting. I did not realize that hacking wasn't a new thing that it dated back into the 1950's I thought it was something that people just recently started doing. When I read the part about plugging in someone's name into Google and how it reveals a lot of information about the person I immediately went to Google and put my name into the search bar and nothing that I saw was about me but that is crazy!!!! I don't ever want to read about stuff on the internet about me, it's just too weird and unsafe.
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I agree that it is very scary. Who knows what people can do with all of your personal information. The outside world may be getting safer, but the on-line world is getting more dangerous.
I totally understand your safety concerns about what is accesible through your computer. For some reason I have known for a long time about the lack of security provided by computers and the internet and for this reason I have very little on my computer and only use it when necessary.