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November 14th Week 11

Iain Stewart (2002) Children as Photographers (

I thought this article was very interesting. I want to go out and give children cameras now and see what they take pictures of and do some research of my own. I never thought about giving a child a camera because I thought that they would break it and then it would be a big expense. But now I will do it because there are so many interesting things that you can find out about children who take pictures. I thought it was interesting that 11 yr olds were more likely to take outside photographs in a natural setting and their pictures didn't have people in them as much. But 4 yrs later 15 yr olds were taking pictures of their friends and that seemed to be most important to them. It makes sense to me that 15 yr olds took pictures for social purposes because I remember taking pictures of my friends and I when we went out to movies and did things together. I think that I started doing that because I wanted memories to look back on of the things we did together and even though we aren't friends now I still look at them.

Children as Photographers (

I thought this website was very cool. I think that we should get a website like this and use it in Canada. I liked how you could look at pictures according to different categories. I went into the gender category and I noticed a difference between what pictures females and male children took. Females tended to take more pictures that included more people from what I saw and males took more pictures of scenery. I also looked at what children took pictures of at different ages. I noticed that the eleven yr olds took more pictures of scenery and that 15 yr olds took more pictures of people but there still were not that many pictures of people there was still a lot of scenary that was in the pictures. It would be interesting to see pictures that people took in Canada rather than in countries in Europe but it was still very interesting to look at.
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