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I think that weblogs are a good way to become part of a bigger social community where you can share your ideas and thoughts with others. I also think it is a good thing to use because if you were having a problem with school or even in your life you can get advice and opinions from many people at the same time. I somewhat agree with using e-portfolios. I think that using them is a good way to display your work and to get any feedback that you might need to improve your portfolio. But on the other hand I would not want everyone knowing about my personal life and what I have included in my portfolio. I do not think that field trips should be substituted using weblogs. Children need to be able to actually get out of the classroom and see different things in the world and experience them "hands on". I think it is important for children to go on trips and experience things with their classmates and teachers not just through the computer. There is only so much that can be learned and experienced using weblogs but when you are actually at the site and exploring things you can better understand those experiences. I do think that once they come back from their experience they should write about it in the weblog and share their opinion with their other classmates.
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September 21 2005, 12:45:57 UTC 12 years ago

You made a very good point about the fact that field trips should be hands-on - not experienced over the net. Real life experiences are way more important than simulated ones.

Real life is definetley better than viewing a place online. However, trip blogs can be a great tool for children who are unable to travel. This may be the only way that they can experience the trip.