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Webcam in a Danish Day Nursery and Drowning Child Responses

When I become a mother I am not sure if I would want to watch my child(ren) on a webcam because I know that if I was a teacher I would feel uncomfortable knowing that my every move is being watched. I'm sure that after awhile I would get used to it and I wouldn't even notice that the cams were there but I don't know if I could get past the inital feelings of uneasiness. I think that you should have researched and went to the daycare to observe to see if that daycare was appropriate for your children to attend and if you did that you shouldn't feel the need to watch your children on a cam during the day. I agree with what was said in the article about how webcams can have negative results. If you are watching your children that much on a webcam you are most likely going to see something that you don't want to see or that you feel is inappropriate. When this happens it causes conflict between the teacher and the parent and if the parent wasn't watching at the time they might not have seen what had happened. I agree with what the article said when it was mentioned that parents want to see that their values match the values of the daycare. Of course you want to know that your child is in the best of care and that they are being cared for in the same way that you the parent would care for them but at the same time everyone is different and you can't expect that. The article talked about having a feeling of presence of being there with your child as you watch them on webcam even though you are miles away. Yes, that is a comforting feeling and to watch for a bit is a good thing but to constantly watch all day is something that I don't agree with because that is when you see things that you don't want to see.

The other article about saving the drowning child I thought was so amazing. I think that if everyone had that kind of money to install those cameras it should be done. Just the fact that that little girl would of died if those cameras weren't there is a scary thing to think about. This is a type of technology that is so crazy to think about because it is so complicated and can actually detect inconsistencies in swimmers' movements. But at the same time I'm thinking that what if those cameras for some reason didn't work and the life guards were counting on them to detect things and all of a sudden it didn't work. Just goes to show once again that technology has positive and negative aspects.
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