ally0101 (ally0101) wrote,

November 2nd, 2005 Readings

The article that talked about the New Visualization Lab was very interesting. This technology allows people to communicate from areas all over the world and pretty much in person. The people on the screen are very life like. You can see what they are doing and can tell what their body language is. This is a very personal way of talking to someone as opposed to using msn or another chat site. Usually when you are using technology to talk to someone you can't see them very well but this allows you to actually talk to the person and see what they are doing clearly as well which I think allows you to better communicate with someone. On msn there are always a lot of misunderstandings because you are just talking over a computer and you can't see the person or tell their body language but using this lab you will be able to see that.

The article about children taking pictures of different things was so interesting. Looking at what the children took pictures of and why was very interesting. I think that teacher's could use this as an evaluation tool in understanding certain aspects of a child's development. Also a teacher would be able to look at the pictures and see what the child was interested in and would be able to plan activities that the children enjoy. I liked how the reseachers looked at different countries to see what pictures children took. I thought there might be some cultural differences in what children took pictures of but there wasn't. I thought that younger children would take pictures of their toys and house etc because that is what they know and what is important to them.

In this article it stated that the children only went outside once a day. Children should be going outside at least 2 times a day. Children need more exercise and room to run around they should not be cooped up in a room all day long. Having the medical records on the computer is a great idea just as long as you back up your information so you don't lose it. But having them on the computer is much better than having them just on paper on file because you can easily access them on the computer and send them to the parents or whoever needed them. I was glad that security was a priority in the daycare because it is important to have this for the safety of all of the children and staff. This puts parents minds at ease knowing the their children are safe and that a security system is in place.
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