ally0101 (ally0101) wrote,

Access Grid Week of November 7th 2005

I thought that using this was really cool and I liked how it was so life like on the screen. Just the thought of communicating with someone that way is really interesting. It is too bad that the whole process is so costly because it would be great to have in child care centres and other places where children can interact with the equipment. The one thing I didn't like was that Kenny could see me it make me a little uncomfortable and I felt like I was just sitting there and I didn't want to do anything stupid. But I don't really like being on camera and I think it would be completely different with children because they like to be on television and on video. I also thought it was kind of annoying that the movements on the screen were a little "jerky" they weren't smooth movements and that was starting to bother my eyes after sitting there for awhile. Also, you had to talk really loud in order for the person to hear what you were saying which was also frustrating. I would love to see how this would work with children. Our class didn't interact that much and I think watching children using that screen would be completely different and very interactive. I am also wondering if you can damage those screens because if you can that wouldn't be good because children are so close to the screen that they could take something and ruin the screen or even just touching the screen?? I don't know just something I was thinking about.
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