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Jason's article and Tuxpaint

First of all I did not understand Jason's article. I was very well written and there was so many different terms that I did not understand in the article. I had to really read it carefully in order to understand a little bit of it, and even then it wasn't that much. I thought it was great that GNU's are designed to allow people to have the freedom to share and exchange software. I think this will allow people who don't have the money or resources to get the software that they need. It was interesting to read that hackers were the first community on the internet and that many of the members were programmers who hacked the internet together. I didn't know that and that gives me a new perspective on what hackers are and what they do. I also liked that it said that hackers are not destroyers but they are creators, and travelers etc. I also found interesting the part in the article that talked about the internet and how you need to know the english language in order to use the internet.

I really liked this site I thought the paintings were really cool and I love that children can use the computer to do their artwork. Some teachers may not like this idea because they like to see the "paper" work or the product of children's work. I think it is great that children can use the computer to express themselves artistically. The different drawing tools were so neat, they are just like items children can use when they are doing art that is not on the computer. I also liked how parts of the program are in so many different languagues. This is very important because diversity is becoming even more of an issue these days.
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