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Cyborg Babies and Cy-Dough Plasm Article Response

Cyborg Babies and Cy-Dough-Plasm Article

What I learned from this article is just how complicated and complex technology is. In order to truly understand technology you must really use all aspects of critical thinking and be able to analyze the different aspects of technology. Even for children to understand and be able to use a computer they must "play" around with it and just try to figure things out as they happen while using the computer. Also, sometimes computers can become very frustrating for children because some children don't understand why they don't work and why they might not succeed at games that they have succeeded in before, and that is because computers are so unpredictable at times you never know what might happen while using a computer. I think that the "Sims" games are good games for children to use because they allow children to use their creativity to make up different aspects of the game. Some of the games allow children to make up their own world or what they would want their life to be like which to some people can be a good or bad thing. I had to read this article two times in order to be able to understand the very little that I did and even still I don't fully understand it and that is exactly what technology is all about.... CONFUSING :)
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I'm commenting on this a little late Ally, sorry! It is confusing though, but tha tis why we are in this class. At least we are doing something to learn more about technology. I hope things are starting to clear up for you.