ally0101 (ally0101) wrote,

First Article- Turkle Computers

I thought this article was very interesting and what it said was very true. In the article when people were using MUDS to give themselves another identity so to speak is exactly the same as using msn and chat sites. You can say whatever you want and you don't have to worry about the other persons response or how that person is going to react. You can pretend that you are another person and no one will know it is a very tricky way to manipulate the person that you are talking to. When you are using MUDS you can escape from your real life and make a new one up. It's almost as if you are using it as a way to destress from what occurs in your everyday life. With regards to Merlin I feel that this game would be very frustrating for children because they never know when they are going to win or lose. Sometimes the computer would win and then other times when the child thinks that he or she is going to win the computer does. I feel that children need things that are somewhat predictable so that they can feel confident in what they are doing. Computers can be a good thing for children and they can also be very frustrating and can lower the child's self esteem. Computer games should be chosen carefully. Yet again I found this article to be very confusing too much computer jargon ...:)
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